Adam Savage Talks Honestly About Destigmatizing the Use of Hearing Aids Due to Hearing Loss

On a forthcoming episode of the Tested series Ask Adam Anything, host Adam Savage responded quite thoughtfully and honestly to a viewer question about hearing loss and hearing aids. Saveage likened the use of hearing aids to that of wearing glasses and talked about the need to destigmatize hearing loss, particularly in young people.

As many of you know, Adam wears a hearing aid. In this Ask Adam, he answers Tested Patron Joe Niedbala’s question: “As someone who has been forthcoming about your own hearing-related issues, why do you think that more attention has not been given to this topic, both from a preventative and a treatment perspective? So many people refuse to acknowledge they have a problem. Hearing aids are marketed to primarily the elderly, making hearing loss seem an age-related issue and a shameful sign of frailty, rather than something that can affect anyone in our loud, industrial world.”