Adam Savage Gleefully Takes His Boston Robotics Spot Robot Outdoors for a Test Run

Adam Savage (previously) of Tested received his very own Boston Robotics Spot Robot (previously) for Christmas 2019 and wasted no time in taking it out for a test run. He headed over to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office training course where he and Jamie Hyneman previously tested out all sorts of random theories for their show Mythbusters.

Savage gleefully ran the Spot through the course. The robot handled most tasks well, although Savage admitted to a few human errors. The biggest challenge for Spot was climbing the rockpile.

Boston Dynamics Spot Climbing Rocks

After that, the stairs were a breeze.

Boston Robotics Spot Robot Adam Savage

Savage and Spot went back to the lab after a good run, but there is sure to be much more to come.

Adam welcomes a new member to the Tested family: Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot! All throughout this year, Adam will be conducting builds and projects with Spot, integrating it into the workshop and taking it on adventures in the field. The first thing to do is test Spot’s capabilities at an outdoor training course! Our Year with Spot commences!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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