Actor David Tennant’s Flashy ‘Ghost of Christmas Present’ Haunts Catherine Tate’s ‘Nan’ In 2009 Christmas Special

In 2009, actor David Tennant, most famously known as the 10th Incarnation of “The Doctor” in the long-running series Doctor Who, played a wonderfully flashy and flamboyant “Ghost of Christmas Present” haunting Joanie Taylor aka “Nan” as played the brilliant comedienne Catherine Tate during the Catherine Tate Show Christmas special,”Nan’s Christmas Carol“.

I’m the Ghost of Christmas Present. I’m up to the minute, constantly changing and evolving, yet always on trend. Unstructured, yet tailored. Clean lines, sharp silhouette but with a whiff of the shambolic rock star. Do not criticize the clobber.

Nan and Ghost of Christmas Present

image via DavidTennantOnTwitter

via DavidTennantOnTwitter