Old Timey Singer Performs an Acoustic Ukulele Version of His Forthright Ballad ‘I’ve No More F***s To Give’

Thomas Benjamin Wild No Fucks to Give

Old-timey musician Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. performed an acoustic ukulele version of his his wonderfully forthright ballad I’ve No More F***s to Give. The explicit lyrics carry even more punch when Wild is staring straight into the camera.

I’ve no more fucks to give,
My fuck fuse has just blown,
I’ve been hunting for my fucks all day,
But they’ve upped and fucked off home,
I’ve no more fucks to give,
My fuck rations are depleted,
I’ve rallied my fuck army but
It’s been fucking defeated!

This is the last video of Wild’s acoustic performance series and he figured, why not?.

The final video in my series of unplugged Tom B Wild ukulele originals just had to be this one!

Wild previously had No More F***s to Give while performing live at Boyd’s of Bedford.