‘Academy 4 Dogs’, A Full-Service Dog Care Facility Known as the UK’s First Grammar School for Dogs

The Academy 4 Dogs in Stockport in the Greater Manchester, UK area, is a full service dog training, boarding and care facility that the owner, Tracy Chapman, calls a “grammar school for dogs.”

We have 6 different styled areas for our creche dogs to have fun & learn in through out the day; the Petite Palace, The Lounge, Rubber Floored Play Room, The garden, Dog Yoga Area (to reduce tension in the body which can turn in to reactivity creating pack harmony between the dogs), the Dog Pod Room. 3 Trainers, 2 assistant trainers supervise the creche facility to make sure interactions go well, to make sure all dogs signals are read & dogs grow up into well balanced dogs in society.

Academy 4 Dogs and Humans


Academy 4 Dogs Dogs

Academy 4 Dogs

images via Academy 4 Dogs