Abel Raises Cain, A Documentary On Legendary Prankster Alan Abel

Alan Abel is a prankster of legend and arguably one of the finest of all time – just check out his hoaxes timeline. The documentary “Abel Raises Cain” by Jenny Abel and Jeff Hockett shows his fascinating personality and outragous pranks.

“Abel Raises Cain” is an unprecedented glimpse into the life and bizarre career of Alan Abel, the infamous underground media prankster who has made a name for himself several times over with stunts that are just ridiculous enough to be believable, especially to a media that feeds on salacious, far-fetched stories. In this loving portrait of an eccentric father, Alan’s daughter, Jenny, tells her firsthand account of what it was like growing up with a prankster. “Abel Raises Cain” takes the audience on a roller coaster ride through the myriad of elaborate hoaxes and schemes that Abel pulled off over the years, all of which were designed to provoke and amuse…while at the same time, make people question everything that they see, hear and read.

Abel Raises Cain