A Yummy Recipe for an Adorable Vegan Shepherd’s Pie That Looks Like Jabba The Hutt

Solo and the Wookie

Yuki of Yukitchen, a home-chef who likes to make healthy organic food fueled by a bit of “cute” posted a really yummy looking recipe for a vegan shepherd’s pie with a mashed potato topping shaped and decorated to look just like the greedy, rotund crime lord Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars, but in a good way.

Why Jabba? Well why not?! I’ve always had a thing for chubby creatures, regardless of what they look like. Jabba is a large slug-like alien who tied Princess Leia up and treated her like a slave. I know that he is a bad guy, but look at him! He is so cute and chubby with his big belly filled with secrets. And when I smell secrets, I just wanna cut them open and see what’s inside!

Jabba Blob

Baked Jabba

Jabba Reel

Jabba Slices

Sliced Jabba

images via Yukitchen

via Rocket News 24