A Wombat Being Cute and Snuggly With a Guy at a Park

In this video, a cute orphan wombat named Douglas gets snuggly with a redheaded gentleman. It gets really cute at the 1:10 ‘flipping over to get a belly rub’ mark.

Douglas is an orphaned Wombat who was taken care of at a school camp (where we have been WWOOFing) near Tallangatta in Victoria, Australia.

This video is 3 years old so he was just a little baby there! He was meant to be released into the wild someday but since it´s been a long while ago I lost touch with the family who runs the camp…but since I got so many comments and views and watched this video again, I´m really curious what Douglas´ life turned out to be!

He was the best experience I´ve ever had with an animal!