A Whimsical Robotic Adjustable Applause Machine That Lets a Person Give Themselves a Hand

Finding a better way is all I do.

The wonderfully funny developer Simone Giertz, who endeavors to make clever devices that make things work better, presented her new “Applause Machine”. The machine, which is built upon an “Arduino UNO and a DC motor and a laser cut box”, features two right hands (there weren’t any lefts left) providing an adjustable round of applause. Giertz wrote about her latest contraption in the March/April 2016 issue of Popular Science.

Picture your hands after you’ve just watched an amazing performance. An evening spent clapping has probably left them red, tired, and blazing with pain. That’s why I created a portable applause solution for the 21st-century human. With high-quality sound, speed control, and a custom laser-cut case, the Applause Machine will do your clapping for you. …I added a slider to the front of the machine to control the speed. It can gradually increase from a snarky slow clap to a breakneck 330 claps per minute. After testing, it was evident that the Applause Machine is set to make the torturous practice of applauding a relic of days gone by.