A Whimsical Cat Paw Computer Mouse With Soft, Squishy Comforting Pads Underneath


The Pnitty Mouse is a cleverly designed light-up computer mouse shaped like a cat paw, complete with squishy pads underneath. The whimsical mouse comes close to replicating the real feline feel for those who can’t otherwise bring their furry friend to work, but need the comfort they provide.

(translated from Japanese) Modern people cases ranging from the ever-increasing stress to the psychosis is increasing. People are seeking “healing” resources in an attempt to balance their lives. A cat’s paw is representative of such healing so we created the “Pnitty Mouse”.

Founder Yasumasa Motegi successfully raised money through the crowdfunding site Makuake in order to bring the Pnitty Mouse to market.

Close Up

Pnitty Mouse




images via Pnitty Mouse

via Esturu, Rocket News 24