A Toddler in a Lab Coat Attends to Her Beagle Brother After He Cut His Foot on Frozen Grass

Charlie the Beagle, who’s known for his taking care of his human sister Laura Olivia, found that the tables had turned after he cut his foot on a frozen blade of grass. Dressed in a lab coat, Laura attended to her patient with great care, making sure that Charlie was all fixed up and comfortable.

Frozen grass is not friendly for beagle paws, Charlie hurt his paw and now he limps.
There is no need to worry because Charlie has the best care in the world and the wound is just a scratch.

Charlie and Laura have a very special bond that has been fostered since the day Laura was born.

When our baby was born, we noticed his special bond with our daughter from early on, and we began filming our canine companion as he helped us care for her. Charlie the dog was introduced to baby Laura the moment she came home. We taught him how to help change her diapers, swing her baby crib, changes the traffic lights when we cross the street and play gently with her. But the one thing we never had to teach him is how to love our daughter.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips