A Tentacle Mug Featuring Three-Dimensional Tentacles That Appear to Come Out and Form the Mug Handle


The Tentacle Mug by ThinkGeek features three-dimensional tentacles that appear to come out of the top of the mug and form the handle.


The creamy brown lake sits still. It steams and waits. Suddenly, a bubbling erupts from the center and all liquid heck breaks loose. Pink muscular tentacles rip through the surface and surround the lake. One forms into a circle, which is handy, since we needed a handle to drink our coffee. Just another daydream at the office with our Tentacle Mug.

The Tentacle Mug looks like an ordinary coffee mug, if that coffee mug had tentacles coming out of it. And yes, one tentacle forms the handle. (And yes, we know that technically an octopus has arms and not tentacles. But we going with tentacles here just because that’s what the masses know, even when we know you know the truth.) The Tentacle Mug – ink optional (and not included).

image via ThinkGeek