A Supercut Tribute to the ‘Minnesota Nice’ Accent Used in the Coen Brothers’ Film Fargo

French filmmaker Candice Drouet teamed up with Fandor Keyframe to create “How to Speak FARGO,” a supercut tribute to the “Minnesota nice” accent used in Joel and Ethan Coen‘s 1996 film Fargo.

For most movies, accents often have a derogatory connotation. They convey a foreignness or otherness that can provoke audience prejudice. Throughout their career, the Coen brothers have been particularly skillful in the dramatic deployment of accents. For them, an accent isn’t just a sign of geographical origin; it also conveys social and cultural background. The Coens’ most famous example is Fargo, with its use of the ‘Minnesota Nice’ accent, a frequent source of humor even though the film is a thriller. (read more)