A ‘Star Wars’-Themed Yoga Lesson for Kids That Teaches Them About Proper Yoga Poses and a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Cosmic Kids Yoga, a YouTube channel where yoga and meditation are made fun for children, has released a new video where enthusiastic instructor Jaime Amor teaches an amusing Star Wars-themed yoga lesson. Amor does a great job of showing kids how to properly execute certain poses while also familiarizing them with the adventures and characters found in “a galaxy far, far away”. She also gets bonus points for starting her 25-minute lesson off with tales from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Enjoy being a Jedi Knight following the hero’s path in this epic yoga adventure.

We’ve previously written about pop artist Rob Osborne‘s illustrations of Star Wars yoga poses and a funny video by Matthew Latkiewicz of You Will Not Believe where he demonstrates geeky Star Wars-themed yoga poses.

via Coudal Partners

Justin Page
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