A Small Town Warmly Accepts Its Most Feared Resident In a Truly Touching Holiday Ad by Apple

In an incredibly touching Apple ad titled “Frankie’s Holiday”, a very nervous Frankenstein’s Monster (actor Brad Garret in a sweet, if not, intentional nod to the late Peter Boyle and Gene Wilder) records a tinkly tune from a little music box onto his iPhone, dusts off his top hot and heads to town to show the residents that he means no harm by performing a song for them. When something goes awry, however, a confident little girl comes to his rescue. The kindness she shows inspires the whole town to join in singing, warmly welcoming Frankie into the fold. In an interview with Fast Company, Apple’s Vice President of Marketing Tor Myhren explained the sentiment behind the ad.

Inclusion is and has for a long time been one of Apple’s core values, and I think we’ve looked for a couple times throughout this year to communicate that to the world. …What a great time to talk about inclusion, and in some ways, the holidays are similar. We wanted to put out a message from Apple around this time of year that reminds everyone that what drives us as human beings is the desire for human connection.

Haaaaaa. Me too. Thank you https://t.co/xT0EdoQaRD

— Brad Garrett (@RealBradGarrett) November 21, 2016