A Sleeveless Summer Hoodie With a Convenient Pouch for a Cat to Snuggle Inside

Megaroo Summer2

Japanese pet supply company Unihabitat, the makers of the Mewgaroo Hoodie and the Mewgaroo Jumpsuit, has once again expanded their human-kitty line to include a new cotton summer sleeveless version. This lighter version has the same cat-sized pouch in the front so that a beloved feline can snuggle in closely with his/her human along with a pair of pointed cat ears on the hood for simple cosplay.

Today we launched a summer version of Mewgaroo Hoodie. It’s sleeveless and the fabric for hoodie is more smooth for avoiding cat’s scratch. Also pocket inside for cat is cotton 100%, and you can put some ice pad between pocket walls.

Megaroo Summer
Megaroo Summer3

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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