A Silver Plated Cat Dish That Looks Like an Open Can of Cat Food

Luxury Cat Dish

The folks at Archie McPhee really know how to spoil a kitty. This luxury cat dish looks like an open tin of cat food, except silver plated.

Of course, your cat would eat out of a tin can if it had to, but surely it would prefer this silver-plated ceramic Luxury Cat Dish. This 5″ diameter bowl is the perfect food container whether you’re serving caviar, seafood-flavored kibble or wet food. It’s also food safe for humans, so feel free to use it for cereal in the morning or get down on all fours and chow down with your kitties. They may appreciate this so much that they’ll acknowledge that you exist. (No guarantees.)

Cat and Dish

Luxury Cat Dish M&M's

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips