A Romantic Man Reveals an Important Object That He Hid Inside a Necklace He Made for His Girlfriend

When redditor 7thRombus gave his girlfriend a handmade necklace for their one-year anniversary, he also hid a very romantic object inside the pendant. Fully unaware of his impending surprise, said girlfriend wore the necklace everywhere, all of the time. It was only a year-and-a-half later, when the couple finally arrived at their long awaited trip to Smoo Cave in the Scottish Highlands, that he finally revealed the secret object.

We wanted a nice photo in the cave so I setup my camera and tripod on a timer, and rushed in. I had asked a little earlier if I could borrow the necklace for a moment to take a nice photo of it near the cave. I took it from my pocket, kneeled, broke it open and revealed that something was hidden inside the entire time.