A Redesigned Modern Home That Features a Separate Staircase Specifically Sized for Small Dogs

Dog on Stairs

Architect Joe Chikamori of 07BEACH Design recently redesigned his friend’s Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam home in only 49 days, putting in beautiful modern touches throughout the house. Also included in the redesign is a separate staircase specifically sized for the friend’s small dogs. Chikamori stated that he wanted the house to be comfortable and fun for the entire family.

(translated) The method to design for this house IS pretty simple. I thought of it as the most Important How the house SHOULD BE. A comfortable for life with your family. I imagined your daily Life through your personality which I got to know well. Hoping that the space will not only be comfortable, but your daily life will also be more fun than usual. Though the image I Have about you is just Words, it’s Deep affection for your Family. I designed so that your house CAN Represent your affection for your wife and Two Dogs, and I Designed it with the image That this house will be like a gift to your family.

Person and Dog

2 Dogs on Stair

Looking Down

Top View

via Contemporist