A Real-Life ‘Mirror’s Edge’ Time Trial Created Using GoPro Footage

Director and producer Claudiu Voicu created an amusing edit of some GoPro footage to create a real-life time trial from the video game Mirror’s Edge. Voicu was inspired to create the edit, of which he doesn’t do many, by the upcoming prequel Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

The biggest challenge with this project was to not have a single ‘cut’ during the full run, as obviously in the game you can’t just skip out certain parts of the map (as boring as they may be). Luckily I live near a fairly hated town called Croydon, which features a few nice, Mirror’s Edge-esque buildings. The buildings we shot the majority of the video around are due for renovation/destruction quite soon so we thought we’d make the most of them. Unfortunately, when it comes to Freerunning features, everything in Croydon is really, really big.