A Pair of White and Fuzzy ‘Star Wars’ Slippers With a Little Wampa Head on Top of Each

Wampa Slippers

ThinkGeek has released an officially licensed pair of white and fuzzy Star Wars slippers that have a little Wampa head on top of each. The cozy-looking slippers, which may help ward off frostbite while adventuring on the desolate ice planet Hoth, are available to purchase online.

White and fuzzy, just like the real thing, but without the danger of being eaten, these Wampa Slippers are just the thing for chilly mornings or nightly trips to the potty. Wampa Slippers are also a great pair to have around the office. They are an upgrade from the hackneyed rabbit slippers, and will show everyone that you are one of the dominant creatures on the food chain. Just stay away from people with lightsabers. Lightsabers are not a friend to the Wampa Slippers.

image via ThinkGeek

Justin Page
Justin Page

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