A Man Swaps Faces With Each Artist in a Disconcerting Lip-Synch of ‘We Are the World’

An enterprising man named Rhett LeCompte performed an incredibly disconcerting lip-synched version of the 1985 supergroup song “We Are the World“. Using a face swapping app, LeCompte was able to digitally impersonate each of the artists involved in the charitable endeavor. Despite the work involved in doing this, LeCompte had many detractors for filming the video vertically.

My version of We Are The World, great 80’s benefit song for Africa. Featuring some of the greatest musical talent to date. They don’t make them like they used to. …I recorded this way because I find the face swap app works better with the mask feature vertically rather than landscape. Only reason, no big deal. I have nearly one million views on Facebook with this video so who cares if it vertical.?

The original song.

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