A Humorously Deadpan Look at the Reality of Expensive Trendy Restaurants

Everything Wrong with Trendy Restaurants” is a comedy sketch by CollegeHumor that highlights the real issues encountered at very trendy and expensive restaurants. The wonderful deadpan delivery of the dialogue includes the things that people often think, but would never normally say.

I have a few things are explained to you we do small plate family-style top which means that all of our dishes are just tiny bite size amounts of food meant to be shared among eight peopleyou know someone will always take more than their share. …Actually most of our dishes are quite small. As you can see, the gnome’s special is actually just a dewdrop served on an acorn …there is one item on our menu that’s fucking enormous but I won’t tell you which one that is. … I’d love to test your memory by rattling off the specials we have three specials tonight but you’re not gonna be able to tell when I’m finished describing the first one then moving on.