A History of the Sky, A Yearlong Time-Lapse of the San Francisco Sky Shown in Mosaic of 360 Simultaneous Days

"A History of the Sky" at MAPP 8/6/11

“A History of the Sky” by artist Ken Murphy is a yearlong time-lapse of the sky over San Francisco with an ingenious twist—each day is shown simultaneously as an individual time-lapse in a giant video mosaic encompassing 360 days. The lengthening and shortening of the days, San Francisco’s famous fog and peculiar weather patterns are all visible in the mosaic. In order to capture the photos (one every ten seconds or more than 3 million photos for the year) Murphy designed a time-lapse camera rig which he installed on the roof the Exploratorium museum.

via Burrito Justice

photo by Ken Murphy

E.D.W. Lynch
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