A Fascinating Timelapse of Thousands of Books Being Re-Shelved at the New York Public Library

With the complete installation of the book train and recent renovation of the Rose Reading Room at an end, workers at the New York Public Library re-shelved over 52,000 books back into their rightful place before the October 5, 2016 re-opening. While this process took several days, photographer/videographer Max Touhey was able to capture the entire process as a two-minute timelapse.

This public library, the greatest of public libraries in the world, is the foundation stone of a learned, informed, civil society. …It is the institution open to all, ensuring that all can come and learn from our great collections and our great staff …It is the basis of the democracy that we must continue to replenish. It is the institution committed to inclusion and opportunity… This Room is the symbolic center of that basic commitment, the values of openness and opportunity, of inclusion. This great space, the greatest public room in this city, is now reopened to all.

The complete renovations of the Rose Reading Room.

The October 5th re-opening.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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