A Double Amputee Tests an Incredible Set of Robotic Prosthetic Arms

Colorado man Les Baugh lost both of his arms as a teenager, but has been participating in a study at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL) that has given him the chance to test and help develop a set of advanced robotic prosthetic arms.

Baugh is the subject of a short documentary by The New York Times series Robitica titled “The Bionic Man” that also shows clinical prosthetist Courtney Moran working with Baugh to adjust and configure the arms. Once in place, Baugh attempts to control the arms to perform different tasks like picking up blocks. Moran says the development is a years-long process, so it will be some time before the arms are ready for Baugh to take home.

A video by the JHUAPL from 2014 shows Baugh working with different members of the team as he tests the arms.