A Defiant Doctor Wants to Kiss His Enemies to Death in the Official Trailer for the Series Nine of ‘Doctor Who’

“I’m the Doctor, and I save people!”

A defiant Doctor Who, played by Peter Capaldi, faces down old and new enemies, dons a pair of shades, plays an electric guitar and even tangles with Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones in the first official trailer for the Series 9 (35th season) of the show, which premieres on September 19, 2015 on BBC One.

First up – the Doctor looks more chilled, doesn’t he? Cool shades, big smiles, huge hug for Clara and wanting to kiss something to death. And he’s rocking that guitar! Can’t wait to see him on Saturday, 19 September: the day the Doctor returns to BBC One!

The Doctor
image via Doctor Who Official

Maisie Williams
image via BBC

Doctor Who Trailer
image via BBC

Doctor Who Trailer 2
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Doctor Who Trailer 3
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