A Considerate Pit Bull Carefully Tiptoes Down the Hall In Order to Not Wake a Sleeping Cat

A very sweet and considerate Pit Bull named Redd was very careful to tiptoe down the hallway in a valiant attempt not to wake his feline foster sibling from a much needed nap.

Redd the Pit Bull mix is still in Pound Hounds Res-Q but his foster parents can’t seem to figure out why – and neither can we! This big baby is so sweet that he tiptoes past the door that his cat foster sibling is behind because he’s so afraid to disturb it!

Redd is currently residing with a foster family in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, but is looking for his forever home. According to his foster mom, Redd is a big “love bug”.

Redd’s foster mom says he is the biggest love bug I have ever met. He is a gentle soul with these big sweet eyes. When he looks at you, you know you’re the most important person in his world. Redd loves to have his head scratched, back scratched and belly rubbed. Redd loves to give kisses and rest his head on your shoulder. Redd loves to sit next to you on the couch and have his head on your lap, and even loves to watch television with you too!

via Know Your Meme