A Clever Yet Irreverent Kitty Condo Custom-Made in the Shape of the Sinking Titanic

Sinking Titanic Condo 3

The Hollywood Kitty Company in Cleveland, Ohio is currently offering the very clever yet irreverent Sinking Titanic Condo, an all-in-one cat center that include includes everything a cat could want, including a severed hull.

At nearly 6′ long and 4′ tall, this amazing 3-level condo has a scratch post, 6 kitty windows, 3 “play tunnels”, and a cozy private enclosure at the top. These tunnels are wide enough for most cats to fit through, and are perfect for viewing your cats inside. They can also be used for dangling toys into, for hours of hilarious fun.

Sinking Titanic Condo 2

Sinking Titanic Condo 1

images via Hollywood Kitty Company

via Nag on the Lake, Neatorama