A Beautiful Musical Tribute to Leonard Nimoy on a Vulcan Harp and Theremin

Canadian musician Peter Pringle has released a new performance in which he plays a beautiful tribute to the life of the late Leonard Nimoy on his Vulcan harp and theremin, a 26-stringed instrument resembling the one that Spock used in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Since the Vulcan harp was introduced by artist and visionary Wah Ming Chang more than 40 years ago, it has evolved considerably, along with the technology involved with its manufacture. It is acoustic, electroacoustic and electronic (it is the electronic component that permits such things as the playing of complex harmonies, glide pitch shifts, etc.).

Pringle also performed “The Katric Ark” back in 2011, which is one in a series of 12 compositions:

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Justin Page
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