A Baby Syrian Brown Bear Skillfully Climbs Into the Pool and Rides a Surfboard at His Florida Home

An adorable Syrian brown bear cub named Brutus skillfully climbs into the backyard pool and rides a surfboard with the help of his human Carl Bovard, who runs the Single Vision Animal Sanctuary in Melrose, Florida. Bruiser and his Florida black bear buddy Honey learned to swim at an early age.

The now ten-month-old Syrian brown bear named Bruiser lives in an enclosure at Single Vision educational facility run by Carl, 43, in Melrose, Florida. Carl opened Single Vision nine years ago and currently has six tigers, two lions, two bear cubs, two mountain lions, two bobcats, and two alligators. Bruiser and his bear friend, Honey, a Florida black bear, began swimming at three-months-old when they climbed into the big pool in the yard. The bears lived inside Carl’s home when they were young, but now live in an outdoor enclosure.

Carl is currently raising money to fund habitat enrichment for the animals. Donations can be made via Facebook.

Help us fund new habitat enrichment for our wildlife. We would like to build new den boxes and buy new toys for them all to enjoy this holiday season. If everyone can GIVE A DOLLAR we will be able to meet our goal. Please feel free to SHARE as well. You can GIVE your dollar by clicking on the Donate app located just below our cover photo. Thank you in advance from all the ambassadors at Single Vision!!

Bruiser Waking Up

Bruiser Bathing

Bruiser Feeding

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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