A Striking 5-String Colorburst Bass Made Out of 2,000 Colored Pencils

Burl, the incredibly creative luthier and craftsman of Burl’s Art built a strikingly vivid 5-string bass made out of 2,000 colored pencils that he had left over from previous builds. Rather than the linear designs he’s used in the past, Burl made this one an outgoing colorburst.

Back to the basics with this build- Colored pencil burst bass. 

This type of build has now become an annual tradition.

Since I began building guitars 5 years ago I’ve tried doing one colored pencil build a year to see how I can improve upon the original design so I’m going back to my roots here but this time I’m using a new design a few new methods and also this is going to be a bass not a guitar

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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