3D Printed Sculpture of an Aged Popeye the Sailor Man by Rick Baker

3D printed Popeye by Rick Baker

Award-winning special effects makeup artist Rick Baker recently created a 3D printed sculpture of an aged Popeye the Sailor Man on a MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer. The highly-detailed sculpture is based off of a digital model of Popeye that Rick created in 2007 using ZBrush.

I printed this on my MakerBot, which I bought recently at a charity event auction. I didn’t really expect to be able to get good printouts of my ZBrush models but I figured that it would be fun to play with. I must admit that I am surprised with what you can get with a printer of this price. Everything was printed except for the collar and the pipe stem.

Here is his original ZBrush model from 2007:

Popeye the Sailor Man