Adorable 3D Felted Wool Dog Portraits

Artist Anneli Kirby creates incredibly adorable 3D dog portraits made from felted wool from her Richmond, Virginia, studio. Kirby explains that she seeks to capture the dog’s personality rather than a photorealistic replication in her portraits, although they do appear rather realistic.

Each portrait has a unique style while capturing the pets personality… These are more of a fun caricature of your dog and not perfectly photo realistic. The material is wool roving on a colored felt background that creates a 3D effect. 

While Kirby is only doing dog portraits for now, specifically one at a time, although she hopes to move on to other animals soon.

I hope to add cat portraits in the future. I do not typically offer two dogs in one portrait, although there have been a couple of exceptions.

3D Wool Dog Portraits
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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