Architect Turns a Tiny 344 Square Foot Paris Apartment into a Comfortable Living Space for Two


French architect Matthieu Torres spoke with Never Too Small about how he transformed a tiny, dark 344 square foot apartment in the 20th arrondissement of Paris into a comfortable living space for him and his partner.

In search of an affordable home in Paris, architect Matthieu Torres and his partner picked out a small, dark space with a beautiful view of Paris city.

Torres gutted the apartment, raised the ceiling, and install a loft bedroom atop a beautiful set of bookcases. He also added in a bathroom with a shower, sink, and running water, a walk-in closet, and a small but extremely functional kitchen, each of which had not originally been part of the apartment. Torres also put a lot of recycled items, such as furniture from his grandparents and items he found on the street, to good use and united all the pieces throughout the apartment with color.

Completely gutting the neglected apartment allowed them to add a previously missing toilet and shower, as well as introduce a mezzanine level by removing the aging ceiling. In turn they were able to elevate the home’s bedroom and install a large furniture unit to contain the added bathroom, a wardrobe and a large amount of storage.

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