24 Hour Comic Book Day In San Francisco & Berkeley

24 Hour Comic Book Day Flyer art

illustration by Josh Ellingson

On October 2nd and 3rd, cartoonists all over the world will each attempt to create a 24 page comic book in 24 consecutive hours. The goal of 24 Hour Comic Book Day is to show artists just how much work they actually can do in just one day. Each year, the SF Cartoonist Conspiracy works with local comic book shops to provide venues for cartoonists to participate at. The awesome folks at Mission Comics & Art (in San Francisco) and Comic Relief (in Berkeley) have graciously offered limited spaces for artists who would like to work on their own 24 Hour Comics.

24 Hour Comic Book Day

photo of 24 Hour Comic Book Day 2009 by Scott Beale

If you live in the Bay Area and would like to sign up for this year’s event, please click here to learn how. We are also looking for local business (coffeeshops, restaurants, art supplies, etc) who would like to sponsor this year’s event at either location. Please contact me for sponsorship details or press inquiries.

To find the 24 Hour Comic Book Day event nearest you, check the full list on the 24 Hour Comics Day website.

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