An Hour-Long Real-Life Dumpster Fire Christmas ‘Yule Log’ Video That Helps Bid an Apt Goodbye to 2020

Many people have compared the year 2020 to that of a dumpster fire, so it seems only fitting that the annual tradition of the Yule Log be replaced with an in-kind likeness. The folks at the Canadian ad agency AM/FM have done just that with their “2020 Xmas Dumpster Fire”, an hour-long burn of an actual dumpster fire (in a controlled setting) as a perfect way to celebrated the end of such a historically trying year.

Our festive take on the fireplace channel for 2020. A cathartic finale for what has been a year none of us will forget…even though that’s exactly what we’d all like to do. Happy Holidays from your friends at AM/FM! Disclaimer: This was done in a controlled environment outside of city limits with safety precautions in place. We do not encourage you to try this at home or on your own.

via Neatorama