A Reflective Montage Looking Back at the Most Memorable Cultural Events of a Tumultuous 2017

In a sobering and reflective seven minute montage, Vox has encapsulated the most memorable cultural, political and tragic events of a very tumultuous 2017. Amongst this dizzying array are events such as Inauguration, the subsequent Women’s March, the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia during which protester Heather Heyer and police officers Jay Cullen, and Berke Bates were killed, U.S withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the Manchester Arena bombing, the famine in Yemen, the empowering #MeToo movement, the devastating hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and various islands in the Atlantic ocean, NFL protests, the culmination of the 20 year Cassini mission and comedian Hasan Minhaj‘s outlook for the future,.

In a tumultuous 2017, these are some of the stories that defined the year.