‘Big Trouble in a Little Tube’, A Dire 1960s Slideshow PSA That Warns Against the Dangers of Sniffing Glue

An extremely dire PSA from the 1960s warns against the dangers of sniffing glue. Told in the style of a slide show, the narrator explains the way in which glue causes its sniffers to wreak all sorts of havoc, both internally and externally. The narrator further states that the problem is prevalent in cities across the country, but could possibly be heading toward smaller towns (like yours). After a few more admonitions, the narrator sums it all up as “big trouble in a little tube”.

it’s just a small inoffensive tube not even as big as a tube of toothpaste or shaving cream but as small as it is, this little tube is filled with big trouble. When used for their intended purpose, these so-called model cements are a great boon to the household and model building for young people but they’re a dangerous commodity when used improperly.

via Boing Boing