Converting an Old Lada Sedan Into a 14 Wheel Monster Car With a Pyramid of Six Rear Wheels on Either Side

The auto enthusiasts at Garage 54 (previously) took an old white Lada Riva sedan and attached a pyramid of six rear wheels on both sides of the car, creating a serious 14 wheel monster car. They also attached giant wheels in front so that the sedan would be balanced enough to drive.

So the plan is to fit six axles and have six wheels on either side. Now that will raise the car up quite a bit, which we will have to counter by installing something big up front. That’s so that the car isn’t raked and to keep the front bumper from scraping the pavement.

The plan worked, albeit it was a bumpy ride.

That first drive was a success. We are looking good and though I didn’t drive that far, I at least got a feel for it now.  I was worried that  would have a really really hard time turning the wheel …but as a matter of fact, turning the wheel was super easy. We don’t even need to run any power steering in this thing, but since we don’t have suspension, the car is super bouncy going over the ridges, ruts, and potholes.

14 Wheeled Monster Lada Sedan
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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