An Animated Pictorial of 110+ Years of Damrak, Amsterdam as Seen Through a Store Window

In the very clever animated pictorial “Passing By“, the very talented, award winning illustration team Job, Joris & Marieke shows the styles of the past hundred years of the highly traveled Damrak in Amsterdam as seen through the window of the De Bijenkorf department store. This animation is part of the “Room on the Roof” installation sponsored by the store.

Job, Joris & Marieke found the inspiration for this film came at the big department store De Bijenkorf located at the centre of Amsterdam. It has always been famous for its beautiful shop window decorations. It has shown the work of famous painter Karel Appel, but also the work of Viktor and Rolf has been at display. But animation trio Job, Joris & Marieke wondered what the view must have been like from the shop window throughout time. How did the street change? How did the passers-by change? And what historical events took place? And that’s how the short film came to life. The film can be seen in the shop window of De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam from the 22nd of January.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips