Origami Artist Creates 1,000 Stunningly Detailed Unique Paper Cranes Over the Course of 1,000 Days

In January 2015, origami artist Cristian Marianciuc challenged himself to make one unique paper crane per day for a year. Marianciuc then increased the challenge to reach 1,000 unique cranes a goal he easily reached over the course of three years. All 1,000 cranes are different from each other, though there are some themes amongst the designs. Some are flowery, some are colorful, some are stark and dramatic, some are architectural, some are completely surreal, some are geometric and some are even lifelike. Yet no matter how different the style, each crane is a stunningly detailed work of art. In addition to the thousand cranes, Marianciuc has also created a several special cranes that are available for purchase through his Etsy Store

SInce the 1st of January 2015 I have been folding and decorating one paper crane each day and sharing my experience over …I get asked quite often whether I sell my cranes, and I have put off doing so for too long now. I was feeling adventurous, so here we are – I have made the first “batch” of very personal cranes who are looking for a new home.

Crane #1

Crane #1000

via Colossal