100 Metronomes Ticking at Different Speeds Fully Synchronize While Sitting on a Floating Table

Students at the Ikeguchi Laboratory at Saitama University in Japan performed a fascinating experiment in which they set 100 colorful metronomes, all ticking at different speeds, upon a floating table. After just a few minutes, each metronome amazingly became completely synchronized with the others.

It is known that when multiple metronomes are placed on a moving table and the metronome is moved, all the metronomes eventually synchronize and carve the sound at the same timing. In the Ikeguchi laboratory, we created an experimental apparatus that will allow the platform to move by hanging a platform that carries the metronome from the left and right, and conducted a synchronous experiment. In this movie, 100 metronomes tick the sound at the same timing.

Here’s the experiment viewed from a different angle.