01-31-07 Memorial Kit by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

dorkbot-sf #32

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is selling a special 01-31-07 Memorial Kit. Boston residents will receive $5 cash back on their purchase.

You know what it is. You know you want it.

Soldering and batteries (three D cells) required.

Kit description: A no-compromise top quality electronic art project. Easy through-hole construction. Basic soldering skill required. You provide tools (solder + iron, clippers). Assembly time: 2 hours. Overall size: twelve by fifteen inches. Mounting holes provided. Hackable.

This is a one-time, limited duration, limited run project. It will be over very soon. Order cutoff date: January 20; sooner if we run out.

Here’s some background information on that special date that will never be forgotten.

photo by Scott Beale