U.S. Launches Rocket Emblazoned with Menacing Octopus Into Space

Menacing Octopus Launched into Space

Yesterday the Office of the Director of National Intelligence tweeted this photograph of an Atlas V rocket payload emblazoned with a mission patch featuring a menacing octopus. The fearsome cephalopod is shown straddling the earth and the patch includes the phrase “Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach.” The octopus patch signifies the rocket’s primary payload: NROL-39, a classified spy satellite designed and operated by the National Reconnaissance Office. When the rocket was launched on the evening of December 5, 2013, it also carried a dozen cubesats, experimental nanosatellites that will test a variety of new satellite technologies.

To sum up the things we’ve learned today:

  1. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has a Twitter account.
  2. The rocket launches for spy satellites are routinely publicized.
  3. A spy satellite with potentially octopus-like powers is currently orbiting earth.

Menacing Octopus Launched into Space

photos via United Launch Alliance

via Forbes

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