The Ergonomic Shovel, A Back-Saving Shovel That Features a Rotating Middle Handle

The team at Bosse Tools has created The Ergonomic Shovel, a collection of back-saving shovels that feature a rotating middle handle. Bosse Tools founder Stephen Walden came up with the idea in 2011. Stephen is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with manufacturing costs.

Industrial, age-old design meets ergonomic innovation. Groundbreaking technology from Bosse Tools has redesigned the shovel.

These shovels improve posture to reduce back strain, they relieve wrist pain by taking the wrist out of a pronated position, and they minimize shoulder injury by making sure lifting tasks are two-handed and in front of the body, which evenly distributes the loads across the shoulders and chest. The center handle rotates, allowing you to customize your hand position for any job or task.

The Ergonomic Shovel

The Ergonomic Shovel

The Ergonomic Shovel

images and videos via Bosse Tools

via The Awesomer

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