Star Wars Identities, An Interactive Character Based Exhibition

Star Wars Identities – The Exhibition

STAR WARS Identities poster design by Bleublancrouge

Star Wars Identities is an interactive exhibition that was created by Montreal-based X3 Productions in collaboration with Lucasfilm. The traveling character based adventure allows you to learn more about all of the identities found throughout the Star Wars universe, while also finding out more about your own identity. They do so by asking you a series of electronically recorded questions throughout the exhibit experience that are geared to molding who and what you might be. Once you reach the end of your journey, you are presented with a unique visual representation of your Star Wars identity. The exhibition is currently being presented at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton, Canada until April 1, 2013. You can purchase tickets and learn more from the official Star Wars Identities website.

See Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, and all the unforgettable characters of Star Wars™ like never before! Visitors of all ages learn the components of human identity in this character-driven adventure into what makes us who we are.

STAR WARS™ Identities explores the theme of identity using ten components that help make us who we are: species, genes, parents, culture, mentors, friends, events, occupation, personality, and values.

The stunning collection of some 200 props, costumes, models, and pieces of artwork from the making of the films and animated series is integrated seamlessly into the exhibition’s structure.

Carefully selected from the Lucasfilm Archives, each object helps provide a deeper understanding of the identities of the Star Wars characters. The accompanying behind-the-scenes information is sure to delight fans of the films and visitors interested in the movie-making process.

Star Wars Identities – The Exhibition

Star Wars Identities – The Exhibition

Star Wars Identities – The Exhibition

Star Wars Identities – The Exhibition

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