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‘The Companies Who Actually Make Your Beer’, A Helpful Infographic Revealing the Big Businesses Behind ‘Craft’ Beers

Comapnies Who Actually Make Your Beer

In light of the controversy stirred up by the Budweiser Super Bowl ad during which the company made clear their disdain for both craft beers and the people who drink them, Vine Pair has put together “The Companies Who Actually Make Your Beer”, a helpful infographic that reveals which big businesses (including Budweiser) are marketing beers that look like craft brews, but really aren’t.

After all of the controversy surrounding the Super Bowl anti-craft beer ad from Budweiser, we got to thinking, who actually owns a lot of the beers we all enjoy, so we did some digging. Much of who actually owns our beer is purposefully obscured, while other times it’s just lost in a sea of big business. …It’s also not a judgement of quality. Some of the beers on this map are great. Some aren’t. Either way, we believe you should drink what you like. We also believe you should know who made that beer though, which is why we created the map

image via Vine Pair

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Accommodating Bunny Uses a Custom-Made Cart to Deliver Beer to His Human Upon Request

Wallace, an adorably accommodating bunny, delivers a beer to his human upon request using a special cart that his human had made just for him. According to Wallace’s human, this feat has been in the making for some time.

This event marks the release of an epic accomplishment. I have been collaborating for the past year with my girlfriend’s pet rabbit to create performance art and “happenings” that capture this rabbit’s capabilities and worldly passions. In a million years, neither Wallace nor I would have guessed that our creative endeavors would take this route but after such a long journey we arrive at this significant moment.

There’s also some shaky behind-the-scenes footage of Wallace training for his big moment.

via The Metro

Jimmy Fallon and a Robotic Arm Play a Man vs. Machine Round of Beer Pong on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Bloomberg Digital editor Joshua Topolsky presented host Jimmy Fallon with the Empire Robotics Versaball Robotic Arm for a man vs. machine round of beer pong. Previously we covered the Versaball Robotic Arm playing beer pong against attendees at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

A Simple Way to Create a Safe Drinking Glass From a Beer Bottle With Just a Few Household Items

Household Hacker demonstrates a simple way to create a safe drinking class from a beer bottle using only some isopropyl alcohol, cold water, a lighter, and a bit of string. They also stress that this method can take a bit of time, so patience and safety are of the utmost importance.

Want to make your own customized glassware? It is easier than you think if you keep safety first (gloves and water source). Here are all the materials needed to turn your Corona bottle into fine glassware.

1 Bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing alcohol)
A good length of cotton string or yarn
1 Bucket of Water
1 Serving of patience

By tying the string around the bottle and igniting it we can weaken the bottle which will split it in two pieces when added to an ice bath. Remember to wear proper safety gear and have a fire extinguisher or water source near by.

The Empire Robotics Versaball Robotic Arm Gets Put Through Its Paces With a Game of Beer Pong

Empire Robotics is challenging attendees of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada to a round of beer pong against its Versaball robotic arm. The ‘bot utilizes a soft ball, rather than a more traditional robotic hand, to engulf and grip onto objects, sending ping pong balls flying into nearby plastic cups with great efficiency.

via Popular Science

Sriracha Stout, A Brand New Spicy Beer From Rogue Ales

Rogue Sriracha Stout

Rogue Ales, the Newport, Oregon brewery that’s known for its unconventional ales, ciders and sodas, has created a brand new Sriracha Stout, a spicy brew certain to win the hearts of those cerevisaphiles with a fondness for “Rooster Sauce.”

ROGUE Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, made from Huy Fong original hot chili sauce and sun ripened Rogue Farms ingredients, is ready to drink with soups, sauces, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chow mein, or anything you’d like to wash down with a spicy kick.

image via Rogue Ales

via Foodiggity