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An Honest Beer Commercial

Brewed in the lake of who gives a shit, from the glaciers of who the fuck cares.

Random At Best has created an “Honest Beer Commercial” that explains why people drink cheap domestic beer with the tagline “Domestic, it’s good enough.”

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How to Make a Wooden Viking-Style Beer Mug

How to Make a Wooden Viking Style Beer Mug

Flanders, Belgium designer bricobart of Yak-Proof demonstrates how to make a Viking-style beer mug out of wood in his step-by-step Instructables article. There are no crazy power tools required. All you need is a hatchet, a knife, polyester rope, some Propolis bio-resin for a leak-proof seal, and multiple layers of walnut oil. Then pour your favorite alcoholic beverage and join us in drinking to the mighty gods and goddesses of Norse mythology!

How to Make a Wooden Viking Style Beer Mug

How to Make a Wooden Viking Style Beer Mug

How to Make a Wooden Viking Style Beer Mug

How to Make a Wooden Viking Style Beer Mug

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Interesting Facts About Beer

In the latest episode of Mental Floss, host John Green shares “26 Interesting Facts About Beer” from the Sunking Brewery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Super Slow Motion Video of a Man Breaking the Bottom of a Beer Bottle With the Palm of His Hand

In the latest video by The Slow Mo Guys, Daniel uses science (the principle of cavitation) to break the bottom out of a beer bottle with the palm of his hand. Gavin and Daniel filmed the cool trick in super slow motion at 2,500 frames per second.

German Band Rakede Performs a Table Concert With Beer Bottles and Helium

Six members of the German band Rakede perform a concert at a table with beer bottles, a crushed can, and some helium in this fun video.

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Brewing Beer with Robots, Short Video About the San Francisco Robotic Brewery Dirty Robot Brew Works

“Brewing Beer with Robots” is a short video about Dirty Robot Brew Works, a San Francisco nanobrewery that employs robots throughout its brewing process. The video is the first episode of Brew Age, a new web series on beer brewing produced by TestTube.

Dirty Robot Brew Works

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photo via Dirty Robot Brew Works, video via Brew Age

Snake Venom, The ‘World’s Strongest Beer’ Boasts a 67.5% ABV

Snake Venom

Scottish brewery Brewmeister released Snake Venom, which they describe as “the world’s strongest beer.” It boasts an impressive 67.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), which is very high considering beers are typically under ten percent. Just last year Brewmeister created the Armageddon, their previous strongest beer, which contained 65% ABV. Snake Venom is available to purchase online and ships internationally from The Real Ale Company.

Contains special ingredients to achieve such a high volume of alcohol including smoked peat malt and two types of yeast: beer yeast and champagne yeast.

Unlike Armageddon, Snake Venom is not designed to mask the taste of the alcohol. The alcohol is very strong but the beer still tastes like a beer rather than a spirit. It’s hoppy, malty and very pleasant.

Snake Venom is so strong that we have put a warning label on the neck of the bottle warning drinkers to beware.

image via Brewmeister

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