Photos: Roboexotica 2011, A Festival For Cocktail Robots

Thursday night was the opening party for Roboexotica, an annual celebration of cocktail themed robots in Vienna, Austria. There are robots of all shapes and sizes and a range of technical sophistication. Many of the bots actually mix and serve drinks for you.  I snapped a few photos of the crowd and some of my favorite robots.

As part of my artist residency this year in Vienna, Monochrom‘s Franky Albinger and I collaborated on a machine called the PURAGATRON. If you are unsatisfied with another robot’s cocktail creation, you can banish it from purgatory by placing it into the PURGATRON and sending your drink to hell or heaven (adds spicy sauce or sugar syrup).

The exhibition continues though the weekend at Ragnarhof in Vienna. Here is a video of Roboexotica co-organizer Johannes Grenzfurthner demonstrating the impressive Melmacc robot.

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