Paul Cesewski, Artist in Residence at the San Francisco Dump

Paul Cesewski

San Francisco kinetic sculpture artist Paul Cesewski, who has created many amazing pedal powered rides for Cyclecide, is currently the Artist In Residence at SF Recycling & Disposal, Inc. (aka the San Francisco Dump). He has been working on several interesting projects from materials that he’s found at the dump and he’ll be having an art show there on Friday, May 23rd (6-9pm) and Saturday, May 24th (12-5pm).

Much of my artwork consists of bicycle powered kinetic sculpture. Participants move themselves through space by pushing bicycle pedals. People powered machines engage us in active participation with the machines. The process of propulsion is in the hands of the participant. The participant can experiment with the machine and respond to stimulus directly. We experience the organic nature of propelling ourselves.

Paul Cesewski

photo via Art at the Dump

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